June 2013
June 28, 2013

We often get questions from customers about the materials we use in our line of micro crampons and stretch gaiters. A lot of research and thought goes into our design decisions as we aim to create only the highest quality gear that will enhance your outdoor experience. Of course, we want to share the thought behind our designs and material choices with you!

This week our blog will focus on the impressive SuperFabric, which we use in our Super Armadillo and Super Armadillo Nano gaiters. We want to share with you what makes this material so fantastic, and why we chose to feature it in our gaiter line.


SuperFabric- you know it’s going to be impressive with a name like that, right?

As well as being extremely durable, breathable and flexible, SuperFabric is the king of resistance. Not only is this material dirt and water resistant, but it is one of the industry leaders for abrasion resistance. A range of industries have seen the benefits of SuperFabric and have put it to use for a range of applications- from the military to motorcycle apparel to Personal Protective Equipment.

Here at Hillsound we wanted to create a gaiter strong enough to withstand the sharp spikes of mountaineering crampons and the rough surfaces encountered during alpine expeditions. SuperFabric was an obvious choice and, it turns out, a popular one. We’ve had a lot of praise for SuperFabric’s abilities. One reviewer described the Super Armadillo Nanos as deflecting errant crampon points ‘like chain mail’

As it turns out, this is quite an accurate description of the science behind SuperFabric.

SuperFabric actually utilises an armour-coating made up of rigid epoxy circles that are attached to the base material. It is these armour-plates that deflect the water, dirt and harsh materials thrown at it.

The spaces between the circles allow the material to retain its flexibility. They also allow the air to circulate around the tiny epoxy plates and through the base material in both directions, ensuring the gaiters breathe and dry quickly. The structure of SuperFabric means that oil, dirt and other stains do not adhere easily to the surface.

SuperFabric is just one of several industry-leading technologies that Hillsound uses in our outdoor adventure gear. Stay tuned to our blog as we will have further ‘Technology Spotlights’ in the coming weeks.

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June 21, 2013

The premier of ‘As It Happens’- the new documentary from The Dusty Camel (TDC)- will be airing tomorrow night in New York. Way back in 2011 Hillsound gave Ian and Andy of TDC some Hillsound gear to help them with their thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. After six months tramping through all types of terrain and four seasons of weather, the duo emerged exhausted but elated at the other end of the trail, with a story to tell.

‘As It Happens’ follows the crew’s adventures along the trail and documents their epic journey across 2,700 miles of American wilderness. Completing a trek of the PCT’s length is a huge accomplishment and the film is definitely an inspiration boost for any adventurer that has considered setting out on a similar route. For more information on the premier tonight in New York, check out this site.

The Dusty Camel is a non-profit consulting firm that helps people pursue their outdoor adventures. Their initiatives also include a Young Explorers Grant and Treks for Charity. Hillsound is proud to support their mission to increase the amount of people enjoying America’s wild spaces and, consequently,  the numbers protecting it. If you want to know more about The Dusty Camel and their expeditions, you can visit their website.



June 14, 2013

Hillsound is excited to announce that Michael Coyne of Expedition Outreach (EO) has joined us as a sponsored athlete.  As an avid adventurer, Michael has experienced some pretty tough conditions in the wilderness and tests our products with all that nature has to throw at them.

Michael founded Expedition Outreach in 1995 with his wife Serenity. Since then the EO team have been travelling the world and climbing new mountains, breaking Guinness Book World Records and exploring new places- all for a worthy cause. The team uses the publicity from these expeditions and focuses it on charitable causes and organisations. For more information of the team’s charitable work, check out their website.

The next expedition for EO will be to Iceland in August of this year, where the team will be focused on climbing several Icelandic mountains and doing a face-first luge run down a local peak.  Ice cave diving and a marathon run are also on the cards.

As part of the training for this expedition, Michael has been climbing the White Mountains of New Hampshire. When on these treks, he particularly likes to use his Hillsound Trail Crampon PROs and stretch gaiters. The designs of these, he says, are extremely well thought out, light weight & durable. Later this year Michael will put our products to the ultimate test in the challenging Icelandic conditions. We will make sure to bring you updates on the Expedition Outreach adventures in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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