April 2015
April 28, 2015

Hillsound Equipment- the leading producer of adventure and fishing traction equipment and gaiters for urban and outdoor enthusiasts- will support Canadian-based Adventure Race team, Team Équilibre in 2015. Hillsound will provide Team Équilibre with the versatile Trail Crampon Pro for training and competitions.

The team of four will participate in 7 races throughout 2015 including Sea to Sea, Raid Pulse, Equinox Traverse, Lost World Series, Adventure Racing World Series USA, Wilderness Traverse, and the Adventure Racing World Championships. These grueling races can last from a couple of hours up to 10 days, demanding a combination of two or more endurance disciplines, including navigation skills, cross-country running, mountain biking, paddling, and climbing.

“I used the Trail Crampon Pro extensively on our last winter training weekend in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and I cannot recall having so much worth of gear for my money,” said team member Alexandre Provost. “It took me only seconds to adjust them with my running shoes and there I was clawing my way up and down the icy trails. We will have to travel on glaciers at Expedition Alaska this summer and I’m already confident that we will overtake opponents with the firm grip provided by the Trail Crampon Pro.”

Since 2011, Team Équilibre has had numerous top finishes including 1st place wins in the Race the Phantom, Equinox Traverse, and Wilderness Traverse races. This year, the team’s goal is to compete in the Adventure Racing World Series, a 6-day non-stop 470km (about 292 miles) expedition race in Anchorage, Alaska. This is the qualifying race for the 2015 World Championships, which will be held in Brazil and attracts spectators from around the world.

“Hillsound Equipment is psyched to support Team Équilibre,” said Hillsound Equipment Marketing Manager Jessica Greinke. “The team continues to set the bar higher and higher with each race. We are thrilled to provide them with the gear they need to prepare for these demanding competitions.”

The Trail Crampon Pro combines some of the benefits of a traditional crampon with the comfort of a non-technical crampon. It is ideal for someone seeking a slightly more aggressive terrain. Utilizing simple ratchet buckle bindings, these crampons can be fastened effortlessly to most footwear.

For more information on Team Équilibre, visit www.advracers.blogspot.ca.


team equilibre

Photo Credit: Team Équilibre


April 14, 2015

Hillsound is thrilled to announce brand ambassadors Stevie Kremer and Marshall Thomson’s recent wins at the GORE-Tex Grand Traverse. Kremer won first place with her race partner, Jari Kirkland in the women’s division and Thomson won first in his age group with his race partner, Rob Krar. The grueling ski mountaineering competition is a partner race where competitors are unsupported through the duration of the course that begins in Crested Butte and ends in Aspen, Colorado.

The 18th annual traverse started at midnight on Friday, March 27th. Competitors raced on a 40-mile course in the scenic Elk Mountains, gaining over 7,800 vertical feet. Entrants competed in teams of two to ensure a safer traverse while on the course. Teams were required to be prepared for any situation that could arise, knowing that help could take up to 24 hours to arrive. In addition, racers were not allowed to accept outside support if their equipment malfunctioned or was lost. Competitors were required to continue without lost or broken items or quit the race. Course challenges included difficult terrain, treacherous snow conditions, potential for freezing and sub-zero temperatures and limited resources to navigate the course.

“We are so proud of Stevie and Marshall!” said Hillsound Sales and Marketing Manager Jessica Greinke. “They are such brave and strong athletes. This is an unbelievable accomplishment that few people would attempt. We are so excited to celebrate their win.”

Kremer and Thomson have been running together for six years and each have a laundry list of races they have placed in including a first-place co-ed win in the 2011 GORE-TEX Grand Traverse. Kremer has collected first place finishes at Wolf Creek, Snow King, and Divine Incline ski mountaineering races and was named the 2014 Skyrunning World Series Champion. Thomson secured first place wins at the Leadville Trail Marathon, Teva Mountain Games, placed in the Race the Divide Monarch and Heathen Challenge at Sunlight and set the course record for the 2013 Collegiate Peaks 50-mile race.

For more information about the Elk Mountain Grand Traverse, visit www.elkmountainstraverse.com