About Us

The Hillsound Mission

Here at Hillsound we believe our product innovation should be driven by customer satisfaction. This is why customer feedback is a central tenet of our design process. We seek input from people who, like ourselves, live and breathe the outdoors: from industry professionals to park rangers, search and rescue staff to weekend warriors. This, combined with vigorous field testing by our Vancouver-based team, ensures the hiking accessories we create are durable, functional and easy to use.

Our mission is to create unique, affordable and accessible products that improve performance and help you reach new heights with ease. We don’t believe winter should be an impediment to your running program, or your daily walk. The only thing falling in winter should be the snow. This is why we developed the ergonomic plate system of the Trail Crampon to provide superior traction and give confidence in slippery conditions. The success of the Trail Crampon and our desire to see customers enjoying the activities they love, year-round, has lead to the ongoing development of new and unique Hillsound traction devices.

We strive to adapt and innovate; to take new materials and explore the latest technologies. We are the first company to make a fully-stretch gaiter that utilises a PU coated zipper as the closing mechanism. Hillsound also set another first in the hiking accessories industry by incorporating SuperFabric and Schoeller c_change technology into our gaiter design. Our ability to innovate and produce high-quality products that customers love has cemented our position as a leading brand in the traction device industry.

Hillsound currently has over 300 retail partners across the globe. Our success so far has been built on strong relationships with our retail partners and collaboration with community groups and professional organisations. With a strong vision for growth and passion for our products, Hillsound is set to reach further heights in the future.


Hillsound’s History

Hillsound is the result of a small team of outdoor enthusiasts collaborating to create the hiking accessories customers dream of. Years of talking to our local clientele uncovered the need for a high-quality yet accessible foot traction device; an affordable product that would enable hikers and trail runners to move with ease in winter conditions.

After years of designing, testing and re-testing, the Trail Crampon and Trail Crampon Pro were born. Initial stocks were sold out within weeks. It was clear that our ergonomic plate system was a winner.

It was then that we decided to put these innovative products through the ultimate endurance test: the Himalayan Mountains. A small group of Sherpa tested both the Trail Crampon and Trail Crampon PRO around base camp and the lower mountain trails near their home in the Himalayas. After six months of testing, they returned a resoundingly positive verdict to Hillsound. Not only did our crampons provide excellent traction in the snow and ice, but they were easy to get on and off- an important quality for a community that live and work in the mountains.

Since then Hillsound has gone from strength to strength in the North American and international markets. We continue to build on customer feedback and work towards our goal of making the outdoor activities you love accessible all year round. This has meant expanding our range of traction devices to cater for all sorts of outdoor activities- from trail running to ice fishing to winter walking.

In 2012 we decided to branch out from the traction device category and create a revolutionary hiking gaiter, utilising cutting edge technology. In order to withstand crampon spikes and harsh alpine environments, our gaiters needed to be extremely tough- much like the armor shell of the Armadillo. In tribute to this enduring species, we launched our Armadillo gaiter range. Durable, waterproof and unbelievably comfortable, these gaiters have received excellent reviews from the press and are a must for backpacking and weekend hiking.

This is our story so far, but it is far from over. For the present and into the future, Hillsound will continue to do what it does best: create the products you love.


A Message from the Top: The Hillsound Vision

“Hillsound Equipment was founded with a very special vision and ambition. Having always enjoyed time spent in the mountains, I was inspired and forever changed when I moved to beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I was driven to open up a retail store dedicated to fellow outdoor lovers like myself. While opening and running the store, I explored as much of the natural landscapes that Canada’s Western-most province has to offer. Through personal product testing and interaction with Vancouver’s active outdoor community, I soon came to realize there was still so much gear that could be developed to better fit the B.C. outdoor enthusiasts’ needs.

My goals became larger than just being able to provide the gear that was already available on the market for Vancouverites. New products designed specifically for the the damp and often slippery slopes of the Coast Mountain range were needed for hikers and trail runners. This is when Hillsound’s Trail Crampon came in to being. From initial success in local markets, the Trail Crampon’s popularity spread around the globe as adventurers realized the benefit of an easy-to-use traction device like Hillsound’s.

Since then, Hillsound Equipment has strived to create gear that was safe, trustworthy and comfortable for our fellow outdoor enthusiasts. With an appreciation for British Columbia’s outdoor playground and an awareness of the environmental beauty of our home, we will continue to serve the needs of outdoor lovers all around the world.”

CS Kang, Hillsound CEO