How do I wash Hillsound gaiters?

Dirt, mud, oil or any other substances can be removed by wiping the gaiters with a damp cloth. Alternatively, they can be machine washed on a gentle cycle with cold water. Do not use normal detergent, as this can strip the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) layer from the gaiters. Instead, we recommend a technical wash such as Tech-Wash from Nikwax. The DWR will stay intact for up to 50 washes on the Super Armadillo and Armadillo LT models, and even longer for the Super Armadillo Nano gaiters. If you find the waterproofness of the gaiters is waning, we recommend using a waterproofing agent such as the Nikwax TX.Direct® Wash-In or Spray-On.

What can I do to prevent snow balling on the bottom of the crampons?

'Snow balling' occurs when snow builds up between the spikes of the crampon and starts to affect the product’s traction ability. Unfortunately, this occurs to some extend with all types of micro crampons. It is more likely to happen in sticky or wet snow conditions. Snow can be removed by tapping the foot against a hard surface. WD-40 is a possible solution as it adds a silicone coating so the snow doesn't stick as much to the metal. Customers have also reported some success with applying Shoe Goo as well. Here are some instructions regarding the application of Shoe Goo: Step-by-Step DIY suggestions: 1. Clean the metal plates and spikes of your micro crampons to remove any dirt or dust left over from the previous hike. 2. Apply Shoe Goo to the metal areas susceptible to snow-balling. Cover as much of the exposed metal surface as possible. There is no point applying Shoe Goo on the spike tips as the goo will wear off as soon as you start walking. 3. We strongly suggest you use an applicator to perform the best coating job. 4. Shoe Goo requires 12 – 76 hours to fully cure, depending on the thickness of your application. 5. Once dry, get back outside and enjoy the trails!

Does Hillsound offer industry professional and retail staff deals?

Yes, please email info@hillsound.ca for more information on these. If you are a retail staff member, please include the name of your store in your email.

How do I determine the correct fit for the gaiters?

Please refer to our gaiter sizing charts which show shoe sizes and the correlative gaiter size. Our gaiters are designed to be a snug fit that hugs the calf, so we highly recommend you try the product on in-store. The correct sizing may vary depending upon calf girth as well as shoe size. We also have a calf girth sizing chart on our Sizing Charts page. If you are not sure of the fit, please feel free to contact us. If your question is not answered here, please send us an email via our Contact Us page. We will respond shortly to your inquiry.

Does Hillsound provide replacement parts?

Yes, if you have lost a Velcro strap, Allen key or Alpine Stopper we can replace these for you.

Rust is appearing on my crampons- what do I do?

As with all outdoor gear, proper care is needed to prolong the life of the product. Hillsound traction devices must be rinsed off with fresh water and thoroughly dried before being put away for storage. If surface rust appears on your crampons, it can be scrubbed off using a metal brush. Surface rust is part of the normal wear and tear of the product and will not affect function. If there is severe rusting so as to cause deterioration of the metal spikes, please contact us for warranty information.

Where can I buy a pair of Hillsound traction devices or gaiters?

Check out our Store Locator page for a list of retailers near you. Hillsound does not currently sell directly to customers.

I'd like to buy a specific Hillsound product, but my local retailer doesn't stock it. What should I do?

Check out our Online Retailers page for a list of retailers, many of which offer free shipping. It is also possible to ask your local Hillsound retailer to place a special order if they don’t carry the specific model you desire.  

My crampon is slipping on the bottom of my shoe- how do I fix this?

Slippage can be caused by two issues. One is that the product has not been correctly placed on the shoe. Make sure the chain spikes are straight and centred on the bottom of the shoe. The two chains at the front should be positioned on either side of the boot toe. Pull the rubber at the rear of the shoe as far up as it will go to ensure the heel plate is correctly positioned. The second issue that can cause slippage is incorrect sizing. If the chains are not taut and the spikes move around on the bottom of the shoe, this could mean that you need a smaller sized product.

What should I do if my Hillsound product breaks?

All of our traction devices are guaranteed for two years against poor workmanship and defective materials, excluding wear and tear. Our gaiters have a limited lifetime warranty. Please see our Warranty page for full details. If you feel your Hillsound product did not meet your expectations, please bring the defective product and your receipt to the store where you purchased them and they may refund the item, give you a store credit or a replacement. The exact remedy will depend upon the individual store policy. If you purchased the product online, please contact that company’s Returns Department.

How do I determine which size crampon I need?

It is important to note that there is no substitute for going to your local store and trying on a pair of Hillsound traction devices or gaiters with the boots or shoes that you plan to use on the trails. Our sizing charts, available here, should only be used as a guide. The overlap in sizes in the chart is to indicate that correct fit will depend on what type of shoe will be used with the crampon. For example, lightweight running shoes will require a smaller size and insulated boots generally require a larger size. The rubber harness should be tight around the shoe and the chains underneath should be taught. If the rubber is being pulled substantially by the chains, the product is too small for the boot and you will need a larger size.