Trail Crampon PRO
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The Hillsound Trail Crampon Pro combines some of the benefits of a traditional crampon with the comfort and ease of use of a non-technical crampon. Designed for those seeking aggressive traction in backcountry winter pursuits, the Pros provide unparalleled grip on low to medium grade ascents and a range of terrain, including packed snow and ice. Utilizing simple ratchet buckle bindings, these crampons can be fastened effortlessly to most hiking footwear. While these crampons share some features of climbing or mountaineering crampons, they are not designed for technical ascents or ice climbing.
  • X-shaped polycarbonate harness reduces pressure points found in many conventional crampons.
  • 10 spikes of 2- 2.6 cm length give superb traction in deep snow and on all types of ice.
  • Anti-balling plates stop snow from balling under the device and affecting traction.
  • Utilizing simple ratchet buckle bindings, these crampons can be fastened to most footwear effortlessly.
  • Alpine stoppers (included with product) prevent buckles from loosening in deep snow.
  • Device length is adjustable with an Allen key (included with product) to suit all footwear types.
  • Light and compact to fit in your pack.
  • 4 heel spikes give excellent traction on descents.


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Eastern Mountain Sports Trail Crampon Hillsound The Gear Co-Op Sunny Sports Hillsound at Campsaver Hillsound at La Vie Sportive freesteps6 hillsound crampons

Also available at
Eastern Mountain Sports Trail Crampon Hillsound The Gear Co-Op Sunny Sports Hillsound at Campsaver Hillsound at La Vie Sportive freesteps6 hillsound crampons
easy-on, easy-off
high strength

Product Details

Made from heat-treated carbon steel, the 10-point Trail Crampon Pro weighs only 680g per pair, making them a lighter option than traditional climbing crampons. The Trail Crampon Pro combine strength with lightweight utility and are designed for backcountry hiking and icy approaches.

– Spike Material: Heat-treated carbon steel
– Harness material- Elastomer
– Spike Height: 2cm-2.6 cm / 3/4″-1″
– Spike Number: 10
– Weight/pair: Regular- 667g (23.5oz); Extra Large- 704 g (24.8oz)

Instructions and Use


Before every use check over the product to ensure there is no damage such as loose buckles, tears, loose bolts, or warped or broken metal. If damage is discovered discontinue use to prevent further damage and potential injury. Test crampons prior to use for proper fit. Check positioning of front and rear spike plates on the outer sole of your footwear. Both front and rear plates must fit within the outer edge of your footwear when fitted properly.


Always put on and remove crampons while seated and in a flat clear area to avoid falling over while balancing. To fasten the product, place toe on front base plate so front spikes sit flush with the tip of boot. Wrap the x shaped straps around foot and pass through the ratchet buckle, tightening until you feel a snug fit and the crampon does not move on your shoe. Ensure the front and back steel base plates are sitting square under the forefoot and the middle of the heel respectively. To remove crampon first remove alpine stopper. Then pull up on front buckle tab and slide straps out of buckle system. And remove foot from crampon. If traveling in deep snow areas, slide the Alpine stoppers on the loose end of each strap until it sits flush against the buckle. Place one foot down at a time to test that it is fitting well and not moving.


Hillsound Trail Crampon PRO is designed for recreational activities, such as glacier travel and icy or snowy approaches, and is not made for technical climbing.  These are not a mountaineering crampon. Avoid using crampons when on stairs or river crossings. Only use crampons in winter snow and ice conditions. Only stiff soled, full shank hiking or mountaineering boots should be used with the Trail Crampon Pro. If the sole can bend easily it is possible for the metal base plate adjoining bar to bend or break. This product has been tested to -50ºC. Under temperatures colder than -50ºC the polycarbonate buckles and metal can become brittle and break. Avoid contact with any chemicals as they may interfere with the integrity of the crampon.


Transport crampons using a sturdy bag so as to protect the spikes from damaging personal belongings. Always position the spikes away from the body when transporting them.


After use crampons must be thoroughly cleaned, dried and stored in a cool dry place. The carbon steel base plate can rust. To prevent rust they can be oiled after use and drying. Topical rusting on carbon steel plates can be removed by scrubbing with metal brush. Oil the scrubbed surface if necessary.

Size Charts

RW's 5 - M's 1235.5 - 463 - 1121.5-27.5
XL/XGM's 12 - M's 1546 - 5011 - 1427.5-32

Please note that where sizes overlap, this is to indicate that discretion is needed to determine the correct size. For the gaiters, the correct size can be dependent upon the individual’s calf size. For the traction devices, a correct fit is largely dependent on what type of shoe the individual will be wearing with the product. For all Hillsound products, we recommend you try the gaiters or crampons on in-store with the shoes you plan to wear them with to ensure you get the right fit.

Safety Warning and Warranty


Hillsound Equipment Inc.’s crampons and traction devices are designed to provide improved traction in snow and ice conditions. This traction device is not suitable for technical ice climbing, steep terrain or mountaineering. Hillsound products do not eliminate the risks associated with snowy and icy conditions and cannot prevent all slips and falls. When wearing Hillsound products, always use caution, extreme care and common sense. Failure to do so could result in injury or death. The user alone is responsible for determining whether his/her experience, combined with the equipment, terrain and weather, present a risk. The user alone assumes responsibility for the safe and proper use of this product and any risk associated with its use. Activities involving the use of this equipment are inherently dangerous. Hillsound is not responsible or liable for any loss, damages, injury or death caused by the use of this or any other Hillsound products.


Hillsound crampons have a 2-year warranty against damage due to poor workmanship and/or defective materials excluding normal wear and tear, oxidation, alterations and modifications, damage by mechanical force, improper storage and maintenance and uses for which this product is not designed. In the event that the Hillsound product does not perform as listed, the user shall notify Hillsound of any such defect within 90 calendar days from the date when the defect was observed. The user’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be limited to the correction of the defect by adjustment, repair, replacement or refund, which shall be at Hillsound’s election.



This Agreement and any disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with its subject matter shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada, without regard to any conflict of law provisions, and shall be binding upon the parties hereto in Canada and worldwide. The parties consent and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within the Province of British Columbia to adjudicate any dispute arising out of this Agreement. The parties agree that the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is specifically excluded from application to this Agreement.

Product Comparison

Spike Length¹ | # of Spikes| Weight
FreeSteps6®Winter Walking0.7cm / ¼"
21 Spikes
345g (size M) / 12.17oz

Ultra lightweight with a slip-on rubber harness
compatible with most footwear.
Ice Fishing
Wet/Icy Trail
Icy Pavement
Trail Crampon UltraTrail Running1.2cm / ½"
18 Spikes
422g (size M) / 14.9oz
Lightweight yet strong spikes with heel plate and
over-foot strap. Durable rubber harness.
Muddy Trail
Wet/Icy/Snowy Trail
Mixed Terrain
Trail CramponHiking1.5 cm / ⅔"
11 Spikes
462g (size M) / 16.3oz
Plated heat-treated carbon spikes with hinges and
over-foot strap for max support and flexibility.
$59.99 USD
$64.99 CAD
Muddy Trail
Wet/Snowy/Icy Trail
Cypress6Hiking2.6cm / 1"
6 Spikes
550g / 19.4oz
Traditional mid-foot traction aid with anti- snowballing
pad. Easy on-off ratchet straps.
Glacier Walking
Wet/Snowy/Icy Trail
Ice Sheets
Deep Snow
Trail Crampon Pro²Non-technical approaches2.6cm / 1"
10 Spikes
667g (R) / 23.5oz
Lightweight and suitable for most heavy-duty
hiking adventures with anti-snowballing pads.
Easy on-off ratchet straps.
Glacier Walking
Wet/Snowy/Icy Trail
Ice Sheets
Deep Snow

1 This is the average spike length for all spikes on the crampons. Generally, spikes on the heels are longer and front spikes shorter.
2 NOT made for technical ice climbing

Awesome Product
from st. john's nfld
Hiked 5km in on snowshoes, came out going uphill with crampons, worked as they should no issues, great product.
Kevin Sink
from Mission
I wear a size 10 (US) boot, and I ordered the regular size crampon with the intent of putting them over my LaCrosse snow boots. They weren't even close to fitting, and had to send back & exchange for the XL. Looks like great construction, just not big enough. Posting so other people don't have the same frustration.
Excellent Crampon
from Edmonds
I'll admit, I took these crampons out of their comfort zone. Up steep couliers and icy snowfields. They held up great, although I don't recommend you take them some of the places I did. The ratchet adjustment system will make these the easiest crampon you've ever put on. If you want aggressive traction on firmer snow look no further than the Trail Crampon Pro!
Good while they lasted
from Halifax
After one season, the slider bar snapped in half. Both the store where I purchased them and I tried phoning Hillsound without success in getting through. The phone just rang and rang. No voice mail Hillsound? Love the crampons when they worked but very disappointed with the lack of service.
from drummondville
j'aimerai acheter 2 paire de crampon une pour ma femme pointure 7 a 9 et pour moi pointure 9 a 11
Monique Desrochers
from Quebec
I bought these crampons and they are the best I've ever had! They are easy to fix and light. Congratulation and thanks to produce GOOD equipment that gives us the opportunity to get high level of performance! Thanks! Monique :)
Great Gear
Dennis Osborne
from Troy
Used these on the PCT in 2011, a record snow year. I led on most cross slope traverses for my group. The rest of the group wore Microspikes. I led as I had better traction on ice and compacted snow, so I would lead and cut in the footholds. Easy to put on and comfortable. Good stuff and I highly recommend them. Only casualty was one of the pull cords.