Trail Crampon Ultra
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Made of high-quality stainless steel for durability and weight reduction, the new Trail Crampon Ultra brings the Trail Crampon's legacy of superb traction performance to those needing to travel faster and lighter. 18 spikes offer aggressive traction on any icy surface and distribute pressure to withstand wear. The Trail Crampon Ultra will help keep your running program on track through the colder months when conditions become slippery.
  • 1.2 cm (1/2") spikes provide excellent traction on packed snow, black ice and partially covered trails.
  • Rip and stick strap across the top of the harness holds the device secure and prevents movement in deeper snow.
  • Welded chains withstand repeated torque, foot strikes and abuse on any ice and snow.
  • Larger heel plate gives secure traction and ultra stability for descents and trail-running.
  • Elastomer harness adapts to all types of footwear, fits securely and is easy to slip on and off quickly.
  • Ultra-light traction for trail runners conscious of carrying extra ounces.
  • Reinforced elastomer harness provides tear resistance and maintains pliability to sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Carry case included.


Also available at Hillsound at Campsaver Hillsound available at Valhalla Pure AlberniOutpostlogo Hillsound Retailer HDO Sport Sunny Sports freesteps6 hillsound crampons

Also available at Hillsound at Campsaver Hillsound available at Valhalla Pure AlberniOutpostlogo Hillsound Retailer HDO Sport Sunny Sports freesteps6 hillsound crampons
stainless steel
velcro strap
easy-on, easy-off
ultra light
high strength

Product Details

– Chains and Spike Material: Stainless steel
– Spike Height: 1- 1.5cm / 2/5″- 1/2″ (longer spikes are on the rear traction plate)
– Spike Number: 18
– Harness Material: Elastomer
– Weight (per pair): 374g (XS); 399g (S); 422g (M); 463g (L); 478 (XL)
– Weight (per pair): 13.2oz (XS); 14.1oz (S); 14.9oz (M); 16.3oz (L); 16.9oz (XL)

Instructions and Use


Before each use, check over the product to ensure there is no damage, such as chains splitting open or tears in the rubber. If damage is found, discontinue use to prevent further damage and potential injury. Please return the product to your local Hillsound retailer. Test product before each use for proper fit. Check positioning of front & rear spikes on the outer sole of your footwear. All spikes must fit within the outer edge of your footwear when fitted properly.


Always put on and remove Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra while seated. To fasten the Trail Crampon Ultra, place toes into the front section of the crampon and adjust so the toe guide wire is sitting in front of the shoe not on top or underneath the shoe. The spikes must sit untangled and position well within the outer edge of your footwear underneath the ball of the foot. Pull the rubber back-tab toward the heel and cover your footwear with rubber evenly positioned around the sides of your shoe.

Pass the velcro strap under and over the opposite side of the rubber to prevent slippage of the crampon. Adjust the chains and spikes appropriately so that the spikes are fitting evenly and squarely underfoot. Place one foot at a time to ensure balance and start walking on flat surface to test that it is fitting well. If the chains or rubber are loose, you may need to consider a smaller size for a tighter fit. All shoe makes and brands are different, so the Hillsound sizing chart should be used only as a guide. To remove the product, slide the back-tab off of the heel of the shoe, and slip the front of the foot out of the front section of the crampon.


The Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra are designed for recreational activities such as trail running, winter hiking, and are not made for technical climbing. These are not a mountaineering crampon. Avoid using the Hillsound Trail Crampon on stairs, rocks or river crossings. Only use Trail Crampon Ultra in winter snow and ice conditions. Use the Trail Crampon Ultra with regular outdoor footwear, such as: runners, hiking boots, and insulated boots.


Transport crampons using a sturdy bag so as to protect the spikes from damaging personal belongings. Always position the spikes away from the body when transporting them.


After each use crampons must be thoroughly cleaned, dried and stored in a cool dry place. The chains are stainless steel and so will not rust, however the carbon steel base plate can. To prevent rust they can be oiled after use and drying. 

Size Charts

Hiking BootsFishing/Insulated BootsTrail Runners
Size/TailleUS M's / HommesUS W's / DamesUS M's / HommesUS W's / DamesUS M's / HommesUS W's / Dames

Please note that where sizes overlap, this is to indicate that discretion is needed to determine the correct size. For the gaiters, the correct size can be dependent upon the individual’s calf size. For the traction devices, a correct fit is largely dependent on what type of shoe the individual will be wearing with the product. For all Hillsound products, we recommend you try the gaiters or crampons on in-store with the shoes you plan to wear them with to ensure you get the right fit.

Safety Warning and Warranty


Hillsound Equipment Inc.’s crampons and traction devices are designed to provide improved traction in snow and ice conditions. This traction device is not suitable for technical ice climbing, steep terrain or mountaineering. Hillsound products do not eliminate the risks associated with icy conditions and water terrain and cannot prevent all slips and falls. When wearing Hillsound products, always use caution, extreme care and common sense. Failure to do so could result in injury or death. The user alone is responsible for determining whether his/her experience, combined with the equipment, terrain and weather, present a risk. The user alone assumes responsibility for the safe and proper use of this product and any risk associated with its use. Activities involving the use of this equipment are inherently dangerous. Hillsound is not responsible or liable for any loss, damages, injury or death caused by the use of this or any other Hillsound products.


Hillsound crampons have a 2-year warranty against damage due to poor workmanship and/or defective materials excluding normal wear and tear, oxidation, alterations and modifications, damage by mechanical force, improper storage and maintenance and uses for which this product is not designed. In the event that the Hillsound product does not perform as listed, the user shall notify Hillsound of any such defect within 90 calendar days from the date when the defect was observed. The user’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be limited to the correction of the defect by adjustment, repair, replacement or refund, which shall be at Hillsound’s election.



This Agreement and any disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with its subject matter shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada, without regard to any conflict of law provisions, and shall be binding upon the parties hereto in Canada and worldwide. The parties consent and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within the Province of British Columbia to adjudicate any dispute arising out of this Agreement. The parties agree that the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is specifically excluded from application to this Agreement.

Product Comparison

Spike Length¹ | # of Spikes| Weight
FreeSteps6®Winter Walking0.7cm / ¼"
21 Spikes
345g (size M) / 12.17oz

Ultra lightweight with a slip-on rubber harness
compatible with most footwear.
Ice Fishing
Wet/Icy Trail
Icy Pavement
Trail Crampon UltraTrail Running1.2cm / ½"
18 Spikes
422g (size M) / 14.9oz
Lightweight yet strong spikes with heel plate and
over-foot strap. Durable rubber harness.
Muddy Trail
Wet/Icy/Snowy Trail
Mixed Terrain
Trail CramponHiking1.5 cm / ⅔"
11 Spikes
462g (size M) / 16.3oz
Plated heat-treated carbon spikes with hinges and
over-foot strap for max support and flexibility.
$59.99 USD
$64.99 CAD
Muddy Trail
Wet/Snowy/Icy Trail
Cypress6Hiking2.6cm / 1"
6 Spikes
550g / 19.4oz
Traditional mid-foot traction aid with anti- snowballing
pad. Easy on-off ratchet straps.
Glacier Walking
Wet/Snowy/Icy Trail
Ice Sheets
Deep Snow
Trail Crampon Pro²Non-technical approaches2.6cm / 1"
10 Spikes
667g (R) / 23.5oz
Lightweight and suitable for most heavy-duty
hiking adventures with anti-snowballing pads.
Easy on-off ratchet straps.
Glacier Walking
Wet/Snowy/Icy Trail
Ice Sheets
Deep Snow

1 This is the average spike length for all spikes on the crampons. Generally, spikes on the heels are longer and front spikes shorter.
2 NOT made for technical ice climbing

They Work!
from Lions Bay
I truly appreciate my Hillsound crampons. I mostly run on technical mountain-side trails and the crampons have worked superbly. They grip well and give me confidence on steep descents as they don't twist under my feet. I had another brand's "microspikes" that totally ripped out on one trail run in addition to twisting out from beneath my shoes. The Hillsounds have stood up to transitions from pavement to ice to rock to snow. I let 3 friends try mine and they now have their own pairs.
Easy on and Off
from Edmonds
The Trail Crampon Ultra works with everything from a running shoe to a mountaineering boot. These are in my pack most of the season since they are a lightweight insurance policy against unexpected lingering snow patches that would otherwise keep me from bagging an off-trail summit.
Great for traversing glaciers!
Karen J
from Anchorage
As a wilderness backpacking guide who strives for gear of minimal weight and maximum utility, I was happy to find the HillSound Trail Crampon Ultra. In Alaska and Canada, there are times when nontechnical glacier travel need not be a full-on roped up affair, especially when doing summer traverses of thinning glaciers. At the same time, going without some sort of grip is inviting trouble. Right out of the bag, I love my trail crampons. They are compact, lightweight and easy to put over my hiking boots. They’re perfect for summer walking on snow-free low-angle glaciers, as well as my go-to safety crampons for walking around the city of Anchorage when a Chinook turns a snowfall into an ice skating rink on the sidewalk, trails and roads. Happy with my purchase! Karen J. Anchorage, Alaska
Excellent Product
Jon Wescott
from Lions Bay
The Trail Crampon Ultras have been excellent while ascending and, more importantly, descending the steep mountain trails where I live. I blew apart a different company's "microspikes" in just one outing - literally spikes that weren't torn from the plates were bent over. The Ultras, though, show little wear even though I've gone up the same trail (Unnecessary Mountain). They go on easily and have stayed secure without sliding around on my trail running shoes. I'm online now to see if they have them in small sizes for my 10 year-old who sometimes accompanies me. Obviously, I highly recommend these.
Super crampon
Rejean P.
from new richmond
Last week end I went walking with a friend on a icy road , I wear my super crampons ultra, never slid! My friends ask where to get them! So I sent them to your site to get some like mine! Thanks for your product, so perfect.
Review, wow!
Cecile L.
from New Richmond
I enjoy very much my crampons, so I can clean my yard blowing the snow in safety! Never worry to fall! I'm satisfied.
Louis S.
from Maria
I'm so happy to get my driveway looks like a hockey rink!!! go habs go!!! oops ...sorry go canucks go !!! Now i go outside and feel secure, thanks to you.
Richard C
from Maria
Excalade sur le hoog back dans le parc de la gaspesie. Bon produit a essayer.
Great Strap-on Crampons
Scott Redfern
from Monroe
I own a pair of step-in crampons for full-on winter mountaineering, which are nice but heavy and only work with my plastic shell boots. My Hillsounds however are my all-around cramp-ons that I use in lighter weather with my hiking boots, coler weather with my pacboots and even with my double boots when I don't need the 1"+ teeth. These are very durable and operate reliably in cold weather as well as well below zero weather and are comfortable on hiking boots and mountaineering boots. I used them just last weekend on a 10 mile hike that included rock hopping across partially frozen rivers and summitting 2 exposed peaks where I was front-pointing straight up the fall line of one of them. They've served me well from the nasty White Mountains of the northeast to the Sierra-Nevadas for the last 3 years.
Very Solid product
Jake C.
from Lakewood
Being as this is my first crampon I have nothing to compare to. However, this product has never failed me. I recently ran a 32 miler through the snowdrifts, ice, and even some mud and these bad boys didn't disappoint. My only complaint would be that the toe bar tends to slip back from the front of my toe and ride more on the top of my shoe's toe box. This causes the underside chains to slop around a bit. I think a tighter crampon would likely remedy this problem. Other than that, these are great. I was running pretty well in them and did not notice any issues. Extremely light weight so I barely noticed they were there.
Perfect First Time out
from Bonaventure
When I received my crampons, I was really excited to try them. Having three kids under 5 years old doesn't give much time for myself. With baby Thomas , I went for a walk (our street is pretty icy during Winter time) with my crampons on. It felt so good to be out again.
Super crampons
François B.
from Nouvelle
Bonjour, j'adore vos crampons. Ils sont merveilleux. Ils me permettent de grimper à des endroits où je n'allais pas auparavant. Ils me mettent en confiance! Merci.
Emmanuelle Laurin
from Ste-Mélanie
''I tried icy road your fabulous crampons wow amazing I felt so secure , I do talk to my friens about them !! I just love them THANK'S hillsound!!!
Félix B
from Carleton-sur-Mer
I'm a teenager and need to clean outside the stairs. It's very icy because the temperature changes a lot. With the crampons I  felt I can work longer outside. Love it, thanks! It's cool cool !! *Please note this reviewer received free product as part of a company promotion.*
The best crampons
Monique D
from Quebec
It is very icy in Québec city so what a great invention!! Thanks a lot.
'Wow' Crampons
Nikita B
from Carleton-sur-Mer
When I go for a walk with my mom , I wear my crampons. The roads are icy and I can even run without being scare to fall and hurt myself. I carry my crampons everywhere and I talk about it being so practical!! Thanks. *This reviewer received free product through a company promotion.*
Appreciation of your crampons
Julie L.
from Maria
Bonjour je suis super satisfaite des crampons.J'ai fais 3 expéditions avec soit aller voir une grotte ou la descente était hyper glacé le mont Hog Back dans le parc Gaspésien et le mont St-Joseph a Carleton et je peux vous dire que j'étais satisfaite a 100 pour 100 ,je suis vraiment contente ils tiennent bien dans les pieds s'agrippe trés bien sur la glace et les surface dur.Je l'ai emploie souvent pour mes activité hivernale.
Trail Crampon Ultra
Marielle A.
from Maria
Thank you for sending me Trail Crampon Ultra- very amazing! I climbed the mountain in Carleton Gaspésie on ice and it was very safe. I show that to my friend and everybody want to have the same product. *This reviewer received free product through a company promotion.*
I love it!
Josee B.
from Caplan
I really love your crampons. They allow me to reach large heights without fear of falling on the ice. I'm going to places I had never been before. They are wonderful. Thank you!
Mont St-Joseph Carleton
Chantal C.
from Caplan
J ai monté le mont S-Joseph, un paysage indescriptible avec mes nouveaux crampons mais la neige trop abondante a fait que j étais toute mouillée, j ai gelée les pieds.C est pourquoi j aimerais avoir des guêtres pour avoir un super kit Hillsound. Je vous remercie beaucoup de m'offrir ce cadeau supplémentaire.
Wonderful Crampons
Judith C
from Carleton-sur-Mer
It's especially wonderful because these days in Gaspesie, Quebec ice is so present . With your crampons I'm secure- I can even run climbing hills. Thank s Hillsound. *This reviewer received free product through a company promotion.*
Trail Crampon review
Marta Kaszczyszyn
from Etobicoke
Took my new Trail Crampon Ultra's for a test today. The trail was covered with ice and on top of that, it rained today. The crampons were amazing! I run up and down the steepest hills I could find, with no problem. Great product.   *Please note the reviewer received the TC Ultra as part of a company promotion.*
Happy Hiker
S Poulton
from Blackwood
I got the chance to tryout the Trail Crampon Ultras this week during the "Polar Vortex". I didn't lose my footing at all wearing these. They have excellent traction for walking on ice and snow, so bye bye walking on eggshells. They're very lightweight and fit snug on my sneakers, hiking & snow boots. These are well made and should handle anything I put them through. Just shakem' out and put'em on. There's a good Hillsound YouTube video on how to correctly put these elastomor crampons on your footwear. I had quite a few people asking me about these and where I got them. Love the carrying case too. I wish I had these a few year ago. Would've saved me a trip to the ER. Thanks! :)   *Please note the reviewer received the TC Ultra as part of a company promotion.*