First Steps CanadaFirst Steps Canada

United Nations and World Food Programme reports show that between two and three million North Korean children (infants to age five) consistently fail to receive sufficient nutrients vital to their physical and mental development. This has resulted in almost an entire generation of youngsters whose growth has been stunted. First Steps is a Vancouver-based Christian development organization whose primary purpose is preventing child malnutrition in North Korea through programs that provide essential nutrients to young children. Hillsound Equipment Inc is an annual supporter of this organisation.

Vancouver International Mountain Film FestivalVancouver International Mountain Film Festival

The VIMFF Society was incorporated in 1998 where it started with 1,700 viewers in attendance. Due to popular demand and the passion that brought the festival back each year, by 2000 the Festival grew significantly to total attendance of over 6,400, and in the year 2001 to 8,000 viewers. Driven by a passion for film, culture, and the outdoors, the VIMFF Society seeks to advance appreciation of films and film-making while inspiring, informing, and educating the public in these areas. VIMFF achieves its aim by producing film festivals and photo exhibits, and providing a forum for film-makers and photographers to present and discuss their works. Its instructional seminars on films, film-making, and photography provide further education for those seeking to develop their skills.

Z0z8_B2uThe Outdoor Industry Association

The Outdoor Industry Association is the leading trade association and voice of the outdoor recreation industry, serving more than 4,000 manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, sales representatives and retailers in the active outdoor lifestyle. OIA is the title sponsor of Outdoor Retailer and the trade voice representing a $646 billion industry. OIA supports the growth and success of the outdoor industry through its focus on government affairs, sustainability, outdoor consumer insights, industry trends and youth participation.

Expedition Outreach Expedition Outreach

Founded by Michael and Serenity Coyne, Expedition Outreach is a team of explorers based in New England, U.S. The team at Expedition Outreach bring publicity to a variety of charitable causes through their world-wide expeditions and record-breaking adventures. From river -running to mountain climbing to scuba diving with sharks, the EO team push the limits of adventure in the pursuit of raising awareness for worthwhile causes. The team's upcoming expedition to Iceland in August 2013 will be one of the most exciting yet. On the itinerary are ice caving, a 26.2 mile marathon and a face-first luge down an Icelandic peak. Of course, expeditions into harsh environments like Iceland call for the best gear to ensure peak performance - which is why Team Expedition Outreach are supporters of Hillsound traction devices and gaiters.

nshNorth Shore Hikers

Every weekend, year round, the North Shore Hikers have outdoor activities ranging from easy to challenging led by experienced club members.
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