Does Hillsound provide replacement parts? Yes, if you have lost a Velcro strap, Allen key or Alpine Stopper we can replace these for you.
What can I do to prevent snow balling on the bottom of the crampons?

'Snow balling' occurs when snow builds up between the spikes of the crampon and starts to affect the product’s traction ability. Unfortunately, this occurs to some extend with all types of micro crampons. It is more likely to happen in sticky or wet snow conditions.

Snow can be removed by tapping the foot against a hard surface.

WD-40 is a possible solution as it adds a silicone coating so the snow doesn't stick as much to the metal. Customers have also reported some success with applying Shoe Goo as well. Here are some instructions regarding the application of Shoe Goo:

Step-by-Step DIY suggestions:

1. Clean the metal plates and spikes of your micro crampons to remove any dirt or dust left over from the previous hike.

2. Apply Shoe Goo to the metal areas susceptible to snow-balling. Cover as much of the exposed metal surface as possible. There is no point applying Shoe Goo on the spike tips as the goo will wear off as soon as you start walking.

3. We strongly suggest you use an applicator to perform the best coating job.

4. Shoe Goo requires 12 – 76 hours to fully cure, depending on the thickness of your application.

5. Once dry, get back outside and enjoy the trails!

How do I wash Hillsound gaiters?  

Dirt, mud, oil or any other substances can be removed by wiping the gaiters with a damp cloth. Alternatively, they can be machine washed on a gentle cycle with cold water. Do not use normal detergent, as this can strip the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) layer from the gaiters. Instead, we recommend a technical wash such as Tech-Wash from Nikwax.

The DWR will stay intact for up to 50 washes on the Super Armadillo and Armadillo LT models, and even longer for the Super Armadillo Nano gaiters. If you find the waterproofness of the gaiters is waning, we recommend using a waterproofing agent such as the Nikwax TX.Direct® Wash-In or Spray-On.