Pro Deal Program

If you are an industry worker (e.g. SAR, Mountain Guide, Park Office, Military, Retail) who depends on your gear this might be a Pro Deal Program for you. It has been designed to help industry pros enjoy exceptional products at incredible savings. 
If you’re eligible and would like to join our Pro Deal Program, just email and request an application form. We assess each application and there is no guarantee that it will be granted.
Questions & Answers

What documents do I need to supply with my Pro Deal application?

Proof of employment or affiliation with your organization. This could include a pay stub, identification, membership ID.

How long is my Pro Deal application valid for?

We require proof of employment for each purchase. We do not keep Pro Deal information on file.

Can I apply if I am a seasonal employee?

Yes, absolutely!

How many purchases can I do per year?

Please, see our Pro Deal form. 

Can I purchase a gift for someone else using my Pro Deal account?

No, this program is for personal use. 

Can I apply for the Pro Program if I work internationally (e.g. military)?

Yes, for sure. 

How much is shipping and how long do Pro Deal orders take to ship (US / CA)? 

We apply a $10 flat rate of shipping for shipments within Canada and the lower 48. We reserve the right to add additional shipping if required.

Do you offer a warranty on items purchased through the Pro Deal Program?

Yes, regular warranty applies.

Where can I submit a product review?

We really want to hear from you and your experience from using our products. To leave a review, please visit our website ( or and the specific product you purchased, scroll down and click on "Leave a review".