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Differences Between the FreeSteps6® & FlexSteps™ Crampons

As we move into the winter season, a frequently asked question is 'what is the difference between the FreeSteps6® and FlexSteps™ Crampons?'. So - we thought we would share the answer with you here!

What do they have in common?

  • Lightweight [12.17-12.30oz, 345-348g]
  • Low-profile spikes designed for walking and jogging on icy and snow-packed pavement and light trails - can take high impact
  • Can be paired with a variety of shoes; casual, runners, or boots
  • Equipped with a high-quality elastomer harness
  • Covered by a 2-year limited warranty

What are the main differences?

  • Type of traction system
  • Step in area and attachment points
  • Velcro strap for extra security
  • Total number of spikes and the spike shape
  • Recommended use
  • Colour options

FlexSteps™: utilizes a poly-urethane plate system that connects with links of the same material up to riveted attachment points. This model is a chain-free crampon option. The plate system has 18 triangular-shaped stainless steel spikes 0.7cm [1/4 inch] for excellent grip and durability. FlexSteps™ has a wide step-in area that makes them easy to put on and a velcro strap to provide extra security. This model is recommended for winter walking and running in urban environments or snow-packed trails. 

FreeSteps6®: utilizes five stainless steel spike islands and one heel plate, connected by a dynamic chain system. With a total of 21 stainless steel spikes 0.7cm [1/4 inch], FreeSteps6® provides excellent grip on low-angle icy and snow-packed surfaces. In addition to winter walking and running, FreeSteps6® can be used for ice-fishing, fly-fishing (riverbeds), or muddy trail sections. 

In summary, the most suitable option for you will depend on your intended use and your preference to use a chain-based or chain-free crampon.

Be Safe, Go Wild!

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