Warranty & Repairs



At Hillsound, we strive to create innovative, high-quality products. For this reason, we offer a two-year warranty for all Hillsound crampons, a two-year warranty for the BTR Stool, and a limited lifetime warranty for all Hillsound gaiters.

To receive the fastest warranty service, please bring your damaged item and receipt to the original place of purchase. Your item will be repaired or replaced according to the respective retailer's policy.

If you experience any trouble processing your warranty through the original place of purchase, and the warranty period has not yet expired, please use this form to submit your request. After we receive your request, we will email you within 5-7 business days (Monday to Friday) outlining the next steps.

Please note the following:

  • In order for your item to be covered under warranty, you must provide proof of purchase such as your original receipt or online order number. In addition, you must provide a photo of the damaged item.
  • If your item is repairable, we will email you with instructions on where to mail the item in for repair. If it is non-repairable, we will arrange for a replacement to ship out to you under warranty.
  • Our warranty covers damage due to poor workmanship and/or defective materials. This does not include normal wear and tear, oxidation, misuse, improper storage and maintenance, improper fit, or user alterations.



    If your item falls outside of warranty and you are looking for spare parts or want to have your item repaired, please send an email to service@hillsound.ca with the following information:

    • The model and size of your item.
    • A photo of the damage and/or a photo of the replacement part requested.

      After we receive the above information, we will let you know whether or not we are able to proceed with your request. 

      Please note that for repairs requested outside of warranty, you will be responsible for covering the cost of shipping the item to us. As well, we will ask you to pay a flat rate $10 shipping fee to cover the cost of us shipping the repaired item back to you.

      For replacement parts requested outside of warranty, we will ask you to pay a flat rate $10 shipping fee to cover the cost of us shipping the requested part(s) to you.