BTR Stool [US]
BTR Stool [US]
BTR Stool [US]
BTR Stool [US]
BTR Stool [US]
BTR Stool [US]
BTR Stool [US]
BTR Stool [US]
BTR Stool [US]
BTR Stool [US]

BTR Stool [US]

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The BTR stool is the ultimate lightweight and packable tripod stool for your outdoor adventures. Whether you are camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, bikepacking or practicing photography in front or backcountry. The BTR is always Better Than a Rock!

Patent pending



  • PhantomLock™
  • Ultralight
  • Small and packable
  • Quick setup [less than 10 seconds]
  • Detachable seat
  • Bungee cord fastening for tidy storage


    Both sizes

    • Fabric: 100% Nylon Mesh
    • Poles: Aluminum Alloy 7001
    • Load Capacity: 110kg [240 lbs]
    • Color Options: Glacier, Alpenglow, Black

    14" version

    Weight 346g [12.2oz]
    In use






    17" version

    Weight 399g [14.1oz]
    In use






    Recommended use:

    • Backpacking
    • Bikepacking
    • Camping
    • Fishing / Hunting
    • Disc golf
    • Photography
    • Travel / Sightseeing

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 155 reviews

    Purchased this stool less than 1 yr ago, I use it from time to time fishing, not abused at all, one leg is pulled out of the joint, and won't lock in place anymore, now I have a 2-legged stool, Quality product?.........think not.

    Hasn’t stood the test of time

    I bought this for backpacking. In 3ish years I’ve only taken it out 4 times. It is stored indoors otherwise. I was dismayed my most recent trip to have a couple of things happen. First, one of the legs separated at the joint which cannot be pushed all the way back in. Another leg sometimes retracts unexpectedly. Then, I fell over because one of the end caps for the mesh seat popped out.
    Despite these issues, the stool is technically still functional, but if I had any idea it would literally fall apart with such little use, I would have looked into different options. The cost and quality are badly misaligned.

    Nice looking and clever compact stool, but it just didn’t stand up to the rigors of the outdoors.

    I use this stool primarily when hunting and sometimes camping. When hunting I encounter uneven and soft ground that seems to put stress on this frame. The end caps on the telescoping frame worked loose and the legs pulled off numerous times when extending the legs which is frustrating when trying to set up and focus on the hunt instead of fixing gear. And finally while perched on a hillside and one of the legs snapped when I leaned to one side! I am just under 200lbs and thought for the price and performance that this would be able to withstand the abuse. Very disappointed.

    excellent stool and customer service

    As a guide, I like having a place to sit thats better than a sit-pad and definitely "better than a rock". I don't usually want to carry the extra weight or use the space for a full chair though.
    At 14.5 oz (on the home scale), I regularly add the BTR stool to my gear, and i've never regretted it. It's lighter than (and folds down much smaller than) my helinox zero, at about 40% of the cost. I'm 215 Lbs, and I found the stool to be very durable, until finally it was time to get another one. It was used regularly by myself and clients, who always enjoyed it. It also stays on squishy surfaces (like sand or boggy ground) better than most of my chairs. While it doesn't have a backrest, i've sat on it for long stretches comfortably. It initially looked too light to be comfortable or durable, but I've been pleasantly surprised. When folded, it packs conveniently without any flapping fabric or parts that catch on other gear. While I generally like a backrest, I've been very impressed with this little stool.

    Jonathon (via Cairn)

    AWESOME. light, sturdy, capable. Already ordered two more and recommended to a friend!