As a former college athlete, I would do whatever I could to stay indoors because I had an aversion to getting dirty. These days, I’d rather be outdoors in various capacities. As an avid hiker and backpacker, on the weekends I can be found somewhere in the backcountry. I prefer to hike with my dog, Dozer, who is a 10 pound dachshund. People laugh when they see him but he has no problem knocking out 10-14 miles and a substantial elevation gain. I’ve tried to get Dozer to kayak with me but he doesn’t like the water.... at all! 

As much as I love summer and fall, winter also has a special place in my heart because snowshoeing is a favorite of mine. There is something about the quiet of the snow that is therapeutic to me. As a social worker in the foster care system, the outdoors is an outlet for wellness and self care. 

Happy adventuring!