what is hillsound equipment


Our mission is to create innovative, high quality products that improve performance, and accessibility of the great outdoors. We strive to work with new materials and the latest technologies to prepare you for your adventures. We strongly believe that customer feedback is a central tenet of the design process, and seek input from people who, like ourselves, live and breathe the outdoors. From industry professionals and search and rescue staff to weekend warriors and casual hikers, we strive for an inclusive design process. This, combined with vigorous field testing by our ambassadors and in-house team, ensures the hiking accessories we create are durable, functional and easy to use.

Hillsound products are currently in over 600 retail locations across the globe. Our success has been built on strong relationships with these partners and collaboration with community groups and professional organizations. With a strong vision for the future and passion for our products, Hillsound is committed to consistently pushing our gear and ourselves beyond that next peak.