Pat Malavi

Pat has a passion for mountain adventure and light/fast alpine travel. Coming from a mountain biking and adventure racing background, he quickly transitioned to trail running after moving to British Columbia, Canada. Favouring the longer distances, he has competed in numerous ultra-marathons ranging from 50 km to 120 miles both in Canada and internationally. Some epic fun runs have included running the West Coast Trail, a Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim crossing, and summiting Hawaii’s Haleakala and Mauna Kea volcanoes from sea-level. In recent years, Pat has tried to blur the lines between trail running and mountain scrambling. He has been an ardent supporter of Hillsound trail crampons for many years and treats them as mandatory equipment for all snow-running pursuits. When Pat first discovered Hillsound traction he had this to say: “As an avid trail runner, I’m always looking for new terrain to explore. When I first learned that crampons existed specifically for trail running, I knew a whole new snowy world would open up. The traction with the Hillsound crampons is almost unbreakable, even in steep hard-pack conditions. I find I can use my same running stride as in dry summer conditions and still have full confidence.”